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Long-term parking technology of paver maintenance
Feb 03, 2016

If the paver Park 3 months, should be maintained according to the following requirements:

(1) according to the instructions in the technical maintenance of the requirement for long-term parking, and treated against rust.

(2) the internal and external surfaces of the machine and hopper, ironing plate scraper conveyor, screw feeder and clean the device. Should be parked in the warehouse, if exposed to the weather and should be placed in a ventilated place, with a canvas cover.

(3) the screed with a wood mat.

(4) Hopper, leveling tank to full recovery, and covered with grease.

(5) when the long-term parking, hosts can only be equipped with ironing equipment, basic part of device.

(6) the paver accessories cleaning antirust treatment and placed in a clean and well-ventilated room.

(7) on the paver new lubricating oil or grease for lubrication points raised.