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Paver is how to develop the
Feb 03, 2016

Along with the highway of plurality of highways, county roads and urban roads are on an unprecedented scale, standard and speed of moving forward. At the same time construction speed "rapid" increase in promoting road construction mechanization of construction machinery and technology, construction and road materials and pavement design put forward higher requirements. Construction technology and construction technology on the highway and has a significant impact construction speed [4-5].

Modern of highway transport, on highway road strength, and stiffness, and dense sex, and uniform sex, and flat degrees, lane of comfortable sex, and high-speed sex, and security, requirements constantly improve, and in current China this transformation period of mechanism Xia, power and authority cannot completely exercise its reasonable responsibility, attention short-term interests pursuit performance and achievement, contempt road cost, and road construction quality, campaign table views speed and construction of huge battle, results formed has human "mechanized", human "speed", human "quality", Also brought rapid development of mechanization of construction, so as the main force of China's Highway network construction of black road surface machinery main products showing a rapid development trend of paver, favored by the construction machinery industry.