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Paver periodic technical maintenance
Feb 03, 2016

(1) technical maintenance after running 50h

Before using, Paver 50h commissioning should becarried out, and shall not be put into use.Running 50h running, should be carried outaccording to the relevant provisions of themanual of the engine. Running test run after thetechnical maintenance must be conductedaccording to the following:

① the replacement of diesel engine oil: heatmachine drain the old oil, and new oil and aftera short run, immediately check that the oillevel is at the required height.

II replace the transfer case and all the gear(including walking, feeding, feeding reducer)oil heat when you drain the old oil, and theninjected into a new lubricant.

③ change the oil filter.

④ diesel fuel fine filter filter replacement.

II check the hydraulic oil requirements are met.

F check the engine coolant level, such asinsufficient provision should be added to theamount.

⑦ check heating system of sprinklers, pipes,gas tanks, and the switch.

H check that the rubber track shoe is cracked,crack length is greater than 50mm, it must bereplaced.

Krispy Kreme is check the hydraulic system forleakage, if there is to be excluded.

⑩ 50h diesel engines each work must be cleanedair filter cartridge.

Check for crack spiral feeding device leaves, ifany should be replaced.

Check the automatic leveling device is normal.

Check the slave cylinder is leaking, if anyshould be excluded.