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Culture Stone Natural Form
Oct 12, 2017

Cultural stone - the original nature of the building materials, epidermal cascading rhythm, the natural environment and pure architectural style integration, ecological atmosphere gives a healthy life. Years of quiet, precipitation of natural and time taste, natural and simple charm of the unique charm of England, Scandinavia, modern, or classical ... ...

In fact, the cultural stone itself does not have a specific cultural connotation. But the cultural stone has a rough texture, rich colors, natural form. It can be said that the cultural stone is the return of nature to people, back to the true state of mind in the indoor and outdoor decoration in a manifestation. This mentality, we can also be understood as a life culture.

Is mining in the nature of the stone deposits, one of the slate, sandstone, quartz stone, after processing, as a decorative building materials. Natural culture stone material hard, bright color, rich texture, different styles. The most important feature is durable, not afraid of dirty, can be unlimited scrub.

Is the use of pumice, ceramsite, silicon calcium and other materials through professional processing refined from. Artificial culture stone is the use of high-tech to the natural formation of each stone texture, color, texture to artificial methods to upgrade the reproduction, the effect is very primitive, natural, simple charm.

Cultural stone inlay construction, must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the design drawings, drawings are not required, according to the construction site and cultural stone varieties, specifications for inlay.

① first confirm the construction of the wall is consistent with and meet the construction requirements.

② before the construction of the wall surface removal of floating ash, debris and so on. Smooth wall must first add rough surface and then construction.

Cultural stone in the paste before the best place on the ground in advance to display the product graphics to confirm the effect of construction paste. This can be adjusted in advance of the cultural stone of the entire wall of the balance and aesthetics.

External wall culture stone should have the manufacturer's factory inspection report and product certification.

a. External wall of cultural stone paste should be based on cement-based adhesive materials, shall not use organic matter as the main bonding material.

b. Cement-based adhesive materials using ordinary adhesive, the adhesive strength grade should not be lower than the Portland cement 32.5, cement strength grade

c. The construction of the external wall of cultural stone should be made before the model, by the construction, design and supervision and other units in accordance with the relevant standards to confirm before construction

After the corner is installed, the plane of the cultural stone installation followed by the corner to the middle extension. The monolithic culture of stone one by one to install, they have to leave a unified middle of the joints. In order to achieve the uniform width of the gray stitch when necessary to cut cultural stone. And then use some small pieces of cultural stone to fill some of the big space to adjust the overall effect of the entire cultural stone in the uneven place to paste the cultural stone, or cultural stone on the back of the deep gap, should use thick coating method for double-sided coating, That is, in the base surface and cultural stone at the same time coated with mortar.