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Culture Stone Water Spray Wet
Nov 02, 2017

1, the choice of their favorite cultural stone style and model, Culture Stone the first to pave the pavement, cultural stone veneer requirements must be cement roughness, in particular, the need to pay attention to the surface of the wall before the spraying water moist.

2, paste agent for Portland cement + medium coarse sand + building glue, Culture Stone the proportion of: cement: Sand = 1:1.5 added to the construction of plastic.

3, in the shop before the need to open 3-5 boxes of cultural stone on the ground, according to color, shape, size collocation, according to personal preferences can be adjusted to achieve better, more beautiful effect, and then in order wall paste. Requirements: The proportion of the color of the cultural stone is not adjacent to the shape of the same, not more than a horizontal gap of 80cm, vertical through the seam does not exceed 30cm. There are no rules for this requirement, but before the paving should be 30-50cm level ink,Culture Stone to maintain the level of each culture stone, and no vertical joints.

4, Grass-roots clean-up: Cultural stone stickers not only require the structural layer above the debris and cultural stone bottom of the dust cleaning, but also to the protruding base of the hard block scrape clean, metope to be rough at the same time to maintain the corresponding flatness, Culture Stone The cultural stone and the surface to be paved fully saturated after the product on the back of 10-20mm thick paste (note the need to apply evenly to the cultural stone bottom, not point tu). Apply the culture stone tightly to the wall.

5, GAP Standards: the rules of cultural stone can be tightly spelled without seam, the minimum gap of irregular products is 10mm, the maximum is 20mm (easy to fill, and enhance its bond strength) if some cultural stone size does not meet the site construction requirements, can be adjusted around, Culture Stone but when filling the seam must be filled with a cross-section of material. The corner of the wall to be paved, the corner should be paved first, and the bullet line to control level.

6, Hook Seam Treatment: the use of art stone special preparation of the filling agent, different models of products, choose different color effects of different proportions of the pigment.

Method 1, with waterproof cloth to grow 30cm, Culture Stone the bottom side of the triangle with 15cm long bag, cutting-edge open 1cm openings. When used, the concentration of the sealant is adjusted in the bag and extruded from the tip. The filling material will be squeezed into the cultural stone gap, and when it is half dry, the bamboo piece will be wiped flat, and the last to brush the light.

Method 2, adjust the filling material concentration, Culture Stone so that it is half dry in the plank, to fill in the cultural stone Gap,Culture Stone and compaction, when the half dry with bamboo pieces to wipe it flat, and finally brush the light.

Requirements: The depth of the seam is not higher than the culture stone thickness of 1/2, make it more obvious concave-convex feeling. The overall gap should be smooth and flat without voids. The construction should pay attention to avoid painting the cultural stone surface.